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What type of payments do you accept ?

A 50% non refundable deposit for the motorcycle tour is required upon booking . This can be paid by bank transfer to UK or Portuguese account or by Paypal .

 Whats your policy for damages ?

Each bike will be inspected before the tour, scratches etc are inevitable on any bike, I will not be going over the bike with a magnifying glass! But any actual breakages must be paid for.

What should i bring with me ?

Driving licence !
Although i do have helmets  , i would always advise to bring your own as hand luggage 

I do have some jackets and gloves available but obviously bringing your own guarantees the best fit
Bring your own boots and trousers ( armoured jeans are ideal as i do supply light weight waterproofs with each bike )

Whats the weather going to be like ?

Madeira has an excellent climate for motorbiking , of course it can rain and this keeps the island green !

The island has mountains of 6000 feet [1800 meters] so the temp can vary dramatically, possible 1 Degree per 100 meters in winter , about half that in summer [ layers of clothing are the key]

There are 26 recognized micro climates across the island so the weather can vary valley to valley

Here are some links to all the island weather info you need

What is the best order to book ?

If you are coming to the island exclusively for a biking holiday then please contact me for availability of bike/s before booking your flight 
If the biking is just going to be part of your holiday and you are flexible with your tour days then please let me know your holiday dates.

Can you help with any other aspects of my holiday ?

Yes, If you would like advice on any aspects of your trip, accommodation/flights etc i would be happy to advise.

What are the roads like ?

Generally good, very steep at times and some of the higher mountain roads can be uneven.
A biking holiday here is for the more experienced biker with a head for heights,it is not a high mileage , high speed place but more suited to a relaxed pace with regular stops to enjoy the stunning views




What types of accommodation are available ?

   From top hotels like Reids Palace , where Winston Churchill used to stay to Air bnbs and glamping , misty mountain retreats to seaside villas , every budget and taste is catered for on the island.

 Please refer to all the usual sites to see whats available or contact me for some recommendations.

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